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"Construye 2020"

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Un trabajo conjunto de: La Fundación Laboral junto al Instituto Nacional de Cualificaciones, la Fundación Estatal para la Formación en el Empleo y el Instituto de Ciencias de la Construcción Eduardo Torroja. 


Construye 2020

Buenas prácticas en rehabilitación energética


Informe de resultados
Build Up Construye 2020

Informe que desglosa la trayectoria del proyecto y los resultados obtenidos (en inglés).


Construye Eficiente

Una plataforma que pone en contacto a usuarios y empresas de la construcción.


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The consortium created for developing the project were integrated for the following organisations:

Calle Rivas N°25. Edificio A,Planta 2da .28052- Madrid
Tel:+34 91 398 45 00/ Fax:+34 91 805 81 51
Contact person:

It is a joint private entity with sectoral and state scope, created by the most representative entities of the construction sector, CNC, FECOMA-CCOO and MCGA-UGT (National Construction Federation –employer’s association-, Federation of Construction, Wood and Related Sectors of Comisiones Obreras, and Federation of Metal, Constructions and Related Sectors of the Union General de Trabajadores –trade unions-). The Foundation gives courses to more than 150,000 workers each year, on typical activities of the construction sector.

Paseo del Prado 28, 1a Planta -28014 Madrid
Tel: +34 91 701 80 00
Contact Person:

It is a public entity attached to the Ministry of Education. The competences of INCUAL include, among others, the development, preparation and updating of the National Catalogue of Professional Qualifications, as well as the preparation of the necessary support instruments to assess and accredit the professional competences acquired through work experience and non-formal training channels.

C/Serrano Galvache, N°4 Madrid-28033 (España)
Tel:+34 91 302 04 40
Fax:+34 91 302 07 00
Contact Person:

The Eduardo Torroja Institute for Construction Science, member of the Spanish National Research Council, is a research and scientific-technical support centre at the service of the construction industry.

The IETcc works to further construction progress by conducting research to build more comfortable facilities while saving energy, driving innovation in construction systems and techniques, analysing the reliability of structures and new materials, exploring material durability, evaluating the causes of pathological processes and developing new materials and studying ways to recycle demolition waste and thereby reduce environmental impact.

C/Torrelaguna, 56-28027 Madrid
Tel:+34 902 183 183
Contact Person:

The FEFE, which belongs to the State Public Sector, is one of the bodies that make up the organisational and institutional participation structure of the subsystem of vocational training for employment. It has a tripartite nature and its board of trustees is formed by the Public Administration and the most representative employers' and trade union organisations.

Its responsibilities are carried out within the framework of Royal Decree 395/2007 of 23rd March, which regulates the subsystem of vocational training for employment. To sum up, these are the responsibilities:

- To collaborate and provide technical assistance to the Public State Employment Service.

- To contribute towards promoting and disseminating vocational training for employment among companies and workers.

- To provide technical support to Public Administrations and the employers' and trade union organisations that are present on the bodies that participate in the system.